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♦ Exquisite and easy-carry. ♦ Instruction on how to use is included. ♦ Enhance thinking and pr..
Ex Tax: $11.90
Classic Tangram
♦ 54 cards providing 60 challenges in 3 levels of difficulty. ♦ Build images by using 8 blue puzz..
Ex Tax: $12.90
Colourful Bar Ruler
♦ Create thousand kinds of different shapes by spinning the 24 bricks continuously. ♦ Some of the..
Ex Tax: $2.90
Cube Mind Teaser
These fun plastic Cube Mind Teasers are the perfect fit for a goody bag or slip them in your pock..
Ex Tax: $1.90
Hamburger Puzzle
♦ Ready to take up challenge?  Try fixing up the 8-pc hamburger puzzle without looking at the s..
Ex Tax: $3.90
I.Q. Logic
♦ Its objective is to get all 9 color codes to put on the right position according to the clues give..
Ex Tax: $14.90
I.Q. Metal Puzzle (24 In A Box)
♦ Test your brain and patience by solving how to separate the two pieces. ♦ Each puzzle is priced..
Ex Tax: $3.90
♦ IQ Gaming is an intellectual game that is suitable for all ages (from 3 to 80). IQ Gaming is easy ..
Ex Tax: $9.90
Intelligence Devil Tower
♦ Children express their imagination to build up whatever that is in their mind, eg, buildings, anim..
Ex Tax: $14.90
Metal Puzzles 4 In 1 - 215204
Test your brain and patience by solving how to separate the two pieces. Four metal puzzles in v..
Ex Tax: $3.90
Plastic Cross Lock Puzzle
Plastic Cross Lock Logic Puzzle. Brain Teaser. Intellectual Toy. Intelligent wooden toys wh..
Ex Tax: $1.00
Plastic Key Puzzle Game
The objective is to remove the lock from the key, and then return the lock to its starting point. ..
Ex Tax: $3.90
Plastic Tangram
The objective of this puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using..
Ex Tax: $1.90
QJ Magic Cube (2 X 2)
♦ Magic Cube Classic Toys Puzzle Magic Game! ♦ Fun and enjoyable mental game. ♦ Enhance logica..
Ex Tax: $5.90
Reversi Magnetic Set (64 Pcs) 500
♦ To get started, cross 2 black pieces and 2 white ones respectively in the middle four areas of the..
Ex Tax: $13.90