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 Penguin Life Solar Rechargeable Kit
► Can penguins fly? You are right! They have wings but are used as flippers for swimming underwater ..
Ex Tax: $13.90
14 In 1 Solar Robot Kit 2115
► This magnificent Solar Robot can be easily transformed: Wagging-Tail Dog > Running Beetle > ..
Ex Tax: $24.90
6 In 1 Solar Robot Kit (Green) 2011
An excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor...
Ex Tax: $14.90
7 In 1 Space Fleet 2117
► The Solar Fleet allows children snap together manipulative parts (no tools required) to create sev..
Ex Tax: $18.90
Air Powered Car
Learn and understand the function of air compressor. Observe how the air compressor works from ..
Ex Tax: $12.90
Electronic Toy Bricks
► Best way for children to learn physics knowledge in fun and easy way. ► Children can assemble m..
Ex Tax: $49.90
Fingerprint Verification Set 609
Seeking and analysing the fingerprint is the most familiar job forensics. When people touch the obje..
Ex Tax: $12.90
Smart Electronic Kit W-335
♦ There are 335 different circuits could be constructed in this model. ♦ Advantage of this model:..
Ex Tax: $69.90
Tumbling Robot 2123
♦ How does Tumbling Robot manoeuvre these complex motions? The secret is in its original mechanism! ..
Ex Tax: $12.90
Volcano Eruption DIY Experimental 609
This hands on experiment set allow the inquisitive mind to find out how the interior of the earth th..
Ex Tax: $9.90