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Ambiguity-Brainteaser Puzzle
Head-spinning letter-turning word game The ambiguous letters on the dice Spell as many words ..
Ex Tax: $29.90
Athena-Brainteaser Puzzle
The Play: Clear a path so the Chief Archaeologist can carry Athena's top half over to her bottom ..
Ex Tax: $32.90
Crazy Campers-Brainteaser Puzzle
Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award !  Welcome to Crazy Campers where setting u..
Ex Tax: $32.90
Crossroad-Brainteaser Puzzle
Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award ! The Goal: Build each road layout challenge so..
Ex Tax: $32.90
Digits In a Box
- Activate your creativity and imagination! - Spill the ten digits (0-9) from the box and give th..
Ex Tax: $18.90
Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit
► Having fun while learning about electricity and magnets! ► Explore the world of electricity and..
Ex Tax: $54.90
Electricity Kit #580
Fun way to learn and explore about electricity using this Electricity Kit! Safe for children. N..
Ex Tax: $46.90
Funny Farm-Brainteaser Puzzle
How the game go -  Locate the Big Tractor piece and any additional pieces as indicated by a ..
Ex Tax: $29.90
Hedgehog Escape-Brainteaser Puzzle
Planning a way of escape to help the spiny guys escape by rolling them safely past the badgers. ..
Ex Tax: $29.90
Hoodoo Loop-Brainteaser Puzzle
This puzzle is bound to throw you a curve or two!! How to go about the Hoodoo Loop? Remove th..
Ex Tax: $19.90
Howie The Hot Owl
► Fun! Create an entire field of owls hootin' and tootin' around. ► Slide the small mouthpiece (t..
Ex Tax: $6.90
Interlock-Brainteaser Puzzle
► Challenge your logical thinking!! ► Select pieces from INTERLOCK's complete mathematical set of..
Ex Tax: $32.90
Iron Filings Case
► Small pocket size ► Great for individual use or classroom demonstration ► Iron filings is st..
Ex Tax: $3.90
Jolly Jumbo
Jolly Jumbo was a big hit when he was introduced in 1952. He and hundreds of other innovative plasti..
Ex Tax: $6.90
Large Horseshoe Magnet
This U shaped magnet was conceived as a better alternate to the bar shaped magnet. In a bar magnet, ..
Ex Tax: $13.90